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Here you find all products for Visual Basic .NET (Visual Basic 2005). You can start downloading and using each product immediately. Most products come with a 14 day trial period, allowing you to try before you buy. If you want to keep the product beyond the trial period, simply purchase a registration key.

All beWISE  .NET products come with FREE tools.

Choose this product if you have only a limited need for task-to-task communication. This product allows you to create a maximum of 32 shared beWISE variables. It’s a low-cost entry into the world of Inter-Process Communication.


Price: $44.95

If you need more than just a ‘few’ variables this product may be right for you. It supports a maximum of 5,120 shared beWISE variables. It allows you to dynamically create and delete variables, to organize and manage them in lists, and to store additional attributes (dictionary information) with each variable. If you need to share a lot of information among programs, but have no need for data streams or serialized data exchange, then this is the right product for you.


Price: $69.95

This product includes all features of the ADVANCED version plus PIPES and an optional C interface. Pipes allow you to exchange streams of data between applications. Using pipes you can exchange messages (e.g. between a driver and an application) or large amounts of data (e.g. the serialized content of a web-site) among multiple programs. The optional C interface allows sharing of variables between VB and conventional C programs.


beWISE Products for VB.NET

If you are developing a distributed system, with applications running on different computers in a LAN, then this is the product for you. It includes all features of the PROFESSIONAL version, plus it provides LAN capable variables and pipes. These variables and pipes are shared among all your beWISE applications in the whole LAN. If you use only beWISE LAN-variables and beWISE LAN-pipes for you Inter-Process Communication, you can take any application and put it on any computer in your network; and all the programs will still be able to communicate as if they where on one computer. If you plan implementing fully scalable, distributed systems, then this is the product you need.


The ceWISE C-Interface is an optional component for beWISE PROFESSIONAL and LAN. It is implemented as a DLL that provides an API for C programs, allowing them to access beWISE variables. With this product you are able to exchange data between VB and C tasks. You need this product if you have C-applications that you want to interface with your VB applications using beWISE variables.

ceWISE C-Interface

Price: $34.95

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If you purchase the PROFESSIONAL version, you will be able to upgrade to the LAN version when it is available.


This product allows you to share 1 (one) variable of type INTEGER among your VB.NET programs. If you just want to synchronize different VB.NET applications during runtime, then this is all you need.