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Edelwise Inc.

Annapolis, MD - United States of America

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Edelwise Inc.

About Us

We are dinosaurs of the software industry. Hey, that doesn't mean we are extinct - we are just in the business since a very long time. It may be an exaggeration to say we are longer in the business than most of our clients old; but it is already twenty-some years.

During these many years we developed numerous tools that helped us writing fast, efficient and reusable code. For the longest time we used these tools as our secret weapon, allowing us to develop projects much faster than most of our competitors while producing more reliable code. And since our market is the automation industry, most of our applications are running in 24/7/365 environments.

In other words - these tools are fireproof. If they weren't we wouldn't be in business anymore. But we didn't realize that our tools would be beneficial even outside the automation industry.

By a memorable twist of life we came across a young software developer who, after using our tools, thought they are pretty cool and could be used for all kinds of software development.† He convinced us dinosaurs and we started working very hard, repackaging our tools, making them easy to use and documenting them (and we definitely liked the last part most).†

What you see today and what we offer on this website is only a fraction of the tools we have. We are still working hard, breaking down the rest of our secret toolbox into small, easy to use pieces. So stay tuned to see whatís coming next. Best way to do this is by visiting our Forum frequently. We will regularly post technical information, white-papers and best practices there. We encourage you to register as a forum user. Only registered user have full access and only registered users can post messages and kick our butts when we are late with new releases or bug-fixes (thatís a good reason to register). Registration is free and does not require purchase of a product (there is a FREE version anyways).

We hope you find our products useful and sexy and we wish you ďa whole lot of funĒ using them.



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