This product is an optional add-on for the beWISE Professional and LAN versions. It works only in conjunction with either one of these products. It is implemented as a DLL. It allows C programs to access beWISE variables in a similar manner as VB programs, thus utilizing the power of beWISE variables in C.

Product Summary


Price: $34.95

Text Box: Installation Instructions
This product is shipped as a self-extracting exe file. To begin with the installation start the ceWISEpro.exe file. 
You must install ceWISE in the
 .\Edelwise\ directory under your programs folder. In the English version of Windows this folder is C:\Program Files\Edelwise\
The VC specific files can be found in the directory
You can immediately compile and run the sample programs there.
Before installing the ceWISE product you have to install and properly license the beWISE Professional or the beWISE LAN product.
Text Box: Documentation
Documentation is included in the installation package. Latest versions may be downloaded using the link below.
Text Box: Supported Platforms
Windows 2000 (SP3 and higher)
Windows XP 
Visual C++ 6.0 
Platforms other than the ones mentioned above are currently not supported.

Text Box: Features
access to all SHARED variables
CREATE, DELETE and FIND variables
GET and SET values of variables

Example “Translating”:

This example demonstrates how data can be exchanged between two programs written in different languages. The program CHRISTL is written in C (not C#); the program KARL is written VB.NET. Using beWISE variables the two programs can communicate without problems. In this example CHRISTL creates a variable with the name “EdelweissFound” and increments it every 100msec. KARL also creates this variable and installs an event handler for it. This allows KARL to be notified whenever the value of the variable changes. Every time CHRISTL increments the “EdelweissFound” variable, KARL’s MyCounter_Changed() event handler is executed and the value of the “EdelweissFound” variable is displayed.


Program CHRISTL:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <time.h>

#include "ceWISE.h"
static int ew_handle; // handle of variable

main ()
long value;

    ceWISEinit(); // initialise the Edelwise environment
    ew_handle = ceWISEcreate( "
EdelweissFound", ceWise_LONG );
    for ( value = 0; value < 10000; value++ )
        ceWISEput(ew_handle, &value);

Program KARL

Create As New beWISE.Functions 'REQUIRED statement

Dim WithEvents MyCounter As beWISE.var_INTEGER 'number HANS counts

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

    MyCounter = Create.New_var_INTEGER("EdelweissFound")

End Sub

Private Sub MyCounter_Changed() Handles MyCounter.Changed

    EdelwiseLabel.Text = Format(MyCounter.Value, "#####0")

End Sub

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