beWISE - The Essential Resource for Visual Basic Developers -  inter-process application development, IPC, Visual Basic multitasking project - beWISE - Inter-Process Communications Made Easy

Benefits from using beWISE are

· shorter development time thru parallel development of programs

· higher system stability thru multiple, independent programs

· scalable system architecture (simply add new programs)

· true reusability thru clear and simple interfaces

Text Box: Task-to-task communication
easy to learn
simple to use
efficient and reliable 
clear interfaces
solid architecture

Download and try. You will see how easy  Inter-Process Communication with beWISE is!

The Essential Resource for Visual Basic Developers


Is the software-world puzzling you?

beWISE will help you putting the pieces together


Trying to find the right tool for your software development can be as tough as trying to find an Edelweiss in Alpine regions.

            Congratulations, you just found one!


beWISE -  Inter-Process Communications Made Easy


Our beWISE product allows you to

· split your software project into small, manageable applications

· define clear and simple interfaces between these applications

· have each application developed and tested separately

· fit the finished applications back together into one system

· provide a high-performance, scalable, multitasking solution

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